Latest Wins





Blackjack's Angel Eyes, "Indi", winning a major from the 6-9 month puppy class. She also has a Best Puppy and Group 1 at 9 months.

Blackjack's N Dillons Steel Blue Lightning, "Boomer" winning a 4 points major in Raleigh, NC handled by Jennifer Farias.

Blackjack's N Dillons Steel Blue Lightning, "Boomer" shown finishing with 4 majors handled by Esteban Farias.


Blackjack Dobermans congratulates all of our winners from the 6-9 month class!!

Blackjack Talladega's King of Hearts "Luke" - On a winning streak raking up 8 points at only 8 months!

Blackjack Talladega's Rammer Jammer - "Hammer" - Shown taking Best of Winners for a 4 point major!

FLASH!!!  Hammer finishes July 2009!  Thanks to judge Beth Riley

Blackjack Talladega's Bia Nariko - "Nari" - Shown taking Best of Opposite Sex from the 6-9 month class.  Nari continues her winning ways by winning BOW and BOB July 2009 in Memphis!

Blackjack Flight of Fancy - "Emilia" - Shown taking Best of Winners at 10 months of age

Blackjack's Red Sword of Camelot "Ruger" picks up a 4 point major on the highly competitive January 2010 Florida circuit.


Blackjack Flight of Fancy - "Emilia" - shown taking one of her two back-to-back Best of Breeds
over a top 10 special


We are so proud !